Friday, May 4, 2007

Candid Photography

Ever looked at a picture and noticed the most amazing unintentional pose? Or perhaps noticed that someone's pictures seemed to feel more natural than your own. Well, it could be they already know a few of the tricks to candid photography. Digital Photography School has a quick list of 11 tips that are sure to help you out.

Interval Training

According to new research, neither the slow but steady tortoise pace or a fast constant run is the best workout. The study showed that interval training produced much higher results than either a long walk or constant running on a treadmill.

Interval training consists of stretching first followed by a warmup period of only walking. Then going straight from the walking speed to an all out sprint. The sprint should last long enough for you to start running out of air. If you are pushing yourself hard enough this should take somewhere between 30 seconds and a couple of minutes depending on your current condition.

After the sprint, you slow back down to a walk speed. You should walk for quite a bit longer than you sprinted, however no so long that your heart rate that was pushed really high while sprinting comes back down to that of a normal walk. Then you repeat the sprint/walk portion until your workout is completed. It is warned that because you are keeping your heartrate higher than normal that this is not for those with heart risk, and it's also easy to over do it. Start small and work up.

I would like to note that this study was done on a very small group, so it's results may prove to be inaccurate. Their initial findings however warrented a post from me. Hit the link to read about the study.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Problem with Dark Photos?

Hit this link to see a tutorial on how to brighten dark images using Adobe Photoshop.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Email to Paper and Back Again

Ever wanted a hard copy of your email but don't want to the hassel or cost of high quality color printer. Or perhaps received an email that you wanted for forward to the Grandparents, but they don't have email. Of maybe even received something in the mail on paper that you'd like to email to all your friends but don't have the savvy to scan it and edit it correctly? Well check out Postful. FYI, I first heard mention of this over at

Cure for Acid Reflux in Bed

According to Men's Health, if you sleep on your left side you have a lot smaller chance of having Acid Reflux than if you sleep on your right. It has to do with the angle between the stomach and the esophagus. For more information on that and 17 other tips, hit the link to Men's Health.

P.S. - Most of the tips in that article are not gender specific at all.

High Blood Pressure, Eat Dark Chocolate

According to this article over at, Dark Chocolate and other cocoa rich products can help to lower blood pressure. Hit the link for more info.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Tai Chi: The low impact workout that seemingly protects you from Shingles.

Apparently a new study has published its results stating that after 3 Tai Chi classes a week for 12 weeks, the resistance in the elderly to Shingles nearly doubled. You can check an article that discusses this here.

You can find more information on Tai Chi here.